* TourConnect-AI requires a TourConnect account

See how TourConnect-AI can save hours of your time…

in just 5 simple steps.

  • Step 1:  Define Supplier Entity Levels
  • Step 2:  Add Sample Suppliers & Products
  • Step 3:  Install Email Add-In
  • Step 4:  Open an Email
  • Step 5:  Download the Results

STEP 1:  Define Supplier Entity Levels

We match emails to your suppliers and their products – but every company’s system defines suppliers and products differently. You will need to tell us how your system works.

STEP 2:  Add Sample Suppliers & Products

We will use actual emails you’ve received for you to try out TourConnect-AI – so we need a few sample suppliers and products to match against.

STEP 3:  Install Email Add-In

The email add-in is where TourConnect-AI’s magic happens. Pick your email platform and you’ll be rolling in no time.

For Microsoft Outlook
Simply add a custom Add-in using this url: https://outlook.tourconnect.com/manifest.xml

For Gmail
Simply download the TourConnect-AI extension.

STEP 4:  Open an Email

Pick an email sent by a supplier you added in Step 2…and watch TourConnect-AI go to work!

STEP 5:  Download the Results

Check out the export results. When you like what you see, go live!

Want us to show you how the system works? Submit your email and request a demo.

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