Overall, we've added about 1-2 good business partners per year, and those partners have generated over $24,000 in revenue over the past 4 years. As a small bicycle tour company, the additional revenue is stacking up, and every bit helps!

Matthew RoseGeneral Manager, Bonza Bike Tours

Bonza Bike Tours

Bonza Bike Tours is an award winning guided bicycle tours located in Sydney, Australia since 2004. Bonza’s tours focus on bringing an active, memorable experience to visitors in the beautiful City of Sydney.


Sydney, Australia



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Day Tour
(Non-Accommodation Supplier)

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Marketing Profile


Growing distribution while still focusing on day-to-day operations

While hustle and determination got Bonza Bike Tours off the ground, finding distribution partners became a challenge.  Bonza was faced with the choice between investing in growing distribution (searching Google, attending local events, traveling to international trade events) or staying in the shop to serve their customers and support their growing operations (putting on tours, bike maintenance, business operations, etc).


Using TourConnect’s PartnerFinder as a year-round, online trade event

Bonza started with a free account to take advantage of having a simple profile with a listing on the PartnerFinder. After completing the profile listing, the next step was utilizing the simple-to-use filters to find companies who were sending travelers to Australia. Bonza then upgraded and began building relationships by reaching out to the companies who were listed using the connect feature.  Bonza continued to use this feature throughout the year, often using the notifications when new companies selling Australia came onto the platform as a reminder to hop back into the system.


Several new business partners per year, from all around the world

Using TourConnect, Bonza Bike Tours has been able to find previously unknown companies to add as distribution partners. Bonza had a response rate of about 20% within 1 week of sending a connection request.  Those responses lead to sales calls, presentations, and in-person meetings at future events. Business-to-business relationships often last for years, so Bonza has significantly grown distribution by adding a few new partners each year while using TourConnect.

Setting up our profile was really easy and gave us a nice way to showcase our products. Using the PartnerFinder was very straightforward...we were connecting with new companies in markets all over the world in minutes.

Matthew RoseGeneral Manager, Bonza Bike Tours

Business development was costly and time-consuming, and often took too much focus away from our day-to-day customers, and delivering a great product.

Matthew RoseGeneral Manager, Bonza Bike Tours