TourConnect has made such a difference to us in managing the contracting process. Ultimately, we are spending less time and resources on this critical process. At the same time, it feels like just the beginning, as TourConnect continues to add features and enhancements the tool every week.

Kelly LeonardContracting Manager, Pacific Destinations

Pacific Destinations

Pacific Destinations’ goal is to make booking New Zealand and Australia travel as simple and affordable as possible. With over 22 years experience Pacific Destinations focuses on providing top notch service and creating the most memorable travel experiences of people’s lives.


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Managing contracted rates for over 1,000 suppliers, every year

Pacific Destinations, like just about every other tour operator around the world, had come to dread the annual contracting season. Chasing up suppliers for their rates, or to clarify rate details, was tedious.  Reviewing contracts, and updates, in hundreds of formats, was inefficient. Manually loading rates was mind-numbing and the potential for very costly errors was stressful. Every day was a grind, although critical for the company.


Using TourConnect’s Rate Management tool to request, receive, track, and report on rates and contracts

Getting started was easy.  Pacific Destinations simply got together a list of their suppliers and sent a request for their annual rates. From there, the team could see which suppliers had received and opened their requests, and could quickly send reminders to the suppliers they were waiting on.  As rates came in, the team started moving each contract through their workflow, from review to loading. Pacific Destinations used an integration to their booking system to automatically load rates once they were approved.


Significantly less administrative work and reduced costs due to streamlined processes and minimizing errors

Pacific Destinations is now managing all contracts on the TourConnect platform.  The number of questions and issues due to inconsistencies in supplier rates has dropped dramatically due to the TourConnect format.  Rate updates are easier to handle with clear, concise summaries of changes. For the Pacific Destinations management team, they are now able to track the entire process, and improvements, on one, simple dashboard.

It was so refreshing to manage all of our contracts through one streamlined process, using modern technology. At any given moment, we knew exactly where we were in the process for each contract, and across our team’s contracting goals.

Kelly LeonardContracting Manager, Pacific Destinations

Managing the contracting process each year is a huge undertaking, and one that is becoming more challenging each year as we grow.

Kelly LeonardContracting Manager, Pacific Destinations