Load/Request Rates

TourConnect’s standardized rate format makes it easy for your team and partners to work with rates and policies. As it’s critical in our industry, you will always have control over the specific agreements you enter into.

  • Make your products easy to sell
  • Eliminate rate-related errors and confusion
  • Minimize re-work from one year to the next

Manage Your Contracts

Good processes are critical to ensuring you have the best contracts in place with your partners. TourConnect makes managing your contracting workflow easy for your entire team.

  • Cut down on administrative tasks
  • Give access to your entire team
  • Automate rate loading

The Power Of Our Network

Consistent processes and data formats across industries creates benefit for everyone in that community. Join the network and help standardize rates within the industry.

Join The Network

I am happy about every contract that comes in via TC as that means less work for us and less people involved in the actual loading process.

Marc Terhorst - Product & IT LeaderAll Pacific Travel Concept

TourConnect has made such a difference to us in sending our rates out and has been a huge help in reducing my workload.

Slava Atkins - Sales Manager, Global SalesWyndham Hotel Group South East Asia and Pacific Rim