The future has begun.

Machine Learning for closeouts and tactical offers.

  • Streamlined data entry for closeouts & tactical offers
  • Instant supplier and product matching
  • Machine learning to pull data from any closeout/offer format
  • Automated loading of successfully identified closeouts & offers
  • Integrates to your email and booking systems

Make your team more productive with Machine Learning

Load thousands of closeouts and tactical offers in a fraction of the time it takes to load them manually


Unlimited closeout processing
Hotels, tours, and activities
Open and close dates

Tactical Offers

Unlimited offer processing
Hotels, tours, and activities
Pricing-related offers

Machine Learning

Analyses any format (email, pdf, xls, etc.)
Provides suggested data sets
11 Languages supported


Integrates with email & booking systems
Automates based on confidence threshold
Minimizes manual data entry

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Use simple tools to load closeouts and special offers

Get more offers into the market while minimizing effort to load closeouts

Email Integrations

Outlook Add-In
Direct email integrations
Full email syncing

Streamlined Data Entry

Data entry adjacent to emails/attachments
Sync’d to booking system suppliers and products
Export queue for review & latency issues

Supplier & Product Matching

Pulls data from email body and attachments
Matches against booking system
Provides confidence indicator

Booking System Integrations

Populates supplier/product info in data entry form
Minimizes data entry into booking system
Integrates to any booking system

We process thousands of closeouts and special offers. We can't keep throwing human resources at our problems and hope they go away. TourConnect’s Travel-ML is the future.

Rob RussellAC Group

I was able to meet new companies without spending thousands on events and travel.

Shawn ButtlingSensational Sydney Cruises

I love having all of our agents' information in one place...and knowing who is actioning our rates!

Nathan McMeekinFederal Hotel Group

It was so easy getting started, and we're no longer guessing who is actually actioning the important info we send out.

John VocciFat Tire Tours

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