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How it All Started

In 2004, Mike Herrmann started Bonza Bike Tours in Sydney, Australia.  New to the tourism industry, Mike began the difficult process of learning about and breaking into distribution via tour operators and travel agents. Mike found this distribution channel came with challenges – hard to find new partners, hard to communicate effectively with existing partners, hard to quickly adjust to market conditions, and hard to modify product information when needed.

Frustrated with these costly inefficiencies, Mike started asking questions from the perspective of the tour operators and travel agents he worked with.  He came to understand that tour operators deal with a massive administrative burden when facilitating the distribution of product. Tour operators use commissions and system load fees to offset these administrative expenses, but these fees can create resentment with suppliers. Having seen the process from both sides, it was clear that the rate distribution process was clearly broken. There had to be a better way.

TourConnect is Mike’s effort to improve the industry he loves.  Our goals go beyond improving the rate contracting process. We are building a network where we all work together as partners to make this portion of the travel and tourism industry more competitive. We hope you’ll join us and create a more efficient, nimble, and profitable industry that better serves the products, agents, and travelers that count on us.

Our Vision of the Future

Connected Partners

TourConnect is passionate about providing great tools as we build a network of travel suppliers, tour operators, and agents into a truly connected industry. This means making it easy to find partners and manage partner relationships, contact information, and communications.

Universal Rate Format

TourConnect intends to eliminate the rate emails, spreadsheets, and company-specific websites that create so much duplicate effort for our industry. Travel suppliers will enter their rate and product information a single time and use that information, with simple updates, for years to come.

Better Solutions

TourConnect will make communication and product introduction easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before. Imagine discovering a partner, finding great products, exchanging rates, and seeing new offers – in minutes. Together, we can do it.

It's exciting to see the positive response we've received from the tourism industry. The network is growing and the industry is beginning to see the benefits of working together.

Mike Herrmann, TourConnect Founder

TourConnect is a company with a purpose - to unite and improve the tourism industry. Work is fun and inspiring when the reasons why you're doing it are so crystal clear.

Brad Herrmann, TourConnect Partner

Meet our Fabulous Team

Mike Herrmann

President & Founder

After beginning his career in technology, Mike moved to Sydney in 2004 to start Bonza Bike Tours. He combines his intimate knowledge of technology and solution design with his tourism experiences to form the vision for TourConnect.
*Ever the optimist, Mike always thinks he can recover from a quadruple bogey on the golf course. The family on the 16th hole at his home course, and their glass patio table, think otherwise.

Morry Kang

Software Engineer

Morry takes an intrepid approach to life. She is always looking for for new experiences that she can learn and grow from - including the unconventional move from central-China to Waco, Texas. Her attitude brings energy and a drive to execute to the team.
* We ask Morry not to travel by bus, as it may result in 4 buses, a minivan, and a 54 hour adventure landing her at the border of a country she doesn't have a visa for!

Salvador Aceves

Computer Systems Analyst

Salvador brings an extensive experience of computer systems in a variety of organizations and industries. This experience is important to the problems he is solving and innovative solutions he implements.
* Salvador can often be found exploring local parks with his family; however, be warned that he gets grumpy on mountain hikes and has been known to slap tree branches as he laments "Nature!" under his weary breath.

Kris Polson

Commercial & Financial Manager

Kris is an experienced financial manager with a diverse background highlighted by innovative start-ups. His approach is a fine blend of strategic vision and pragmatic efficiency.
*Kris started with TourConnect connecting remotely from places ranging from Chicken, Alaska to San Isidro, Costa Rica.

Dick Herrmann

Business Strategy, Co-Founder

Dick is a ‘retired’ entrepreneur after a prosperous career of building, and selling, technology companies. The last company he started, Ti3 was sold to TALX Corporation in 2001. He brings a wealth of experience in developing strategic visions and executing to successful outcomes.
*Dick can tell a story with the best of them, and his 6 grandchildren always enjoy hearing about the time he drove a riding lawn mower into a swimming pool.

Brad Herrmann

Operations & Brand Strategy

Brad is currently the Founder & President of Call-Em-All, an Inc. 500 honoree. Brad is passionate about company culture and open book management, evidenced by his involvement with the Small Giants organization.
* Brad's office nickname is 'The Cheerleader'. It also fits at home, where he coaches his 3 kids in basketball, soccer, and baseball.

Hai Nguyen

Engineering Strategy

Hai is VP of Engineering & Co-Founder of Call-Em-All, an Inc. 500 honoree. With a computer engineering degree and an obsession for art and design, Hai brings direction, creativity, and clarity to challenging problems.
*His #1 feat? He was able to: quit his job, start a company, propose to his wife, have his first art show, break his wrist, and narrowly survive a flaming B-52 - all in one week.

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