The future has begun.

AI for closeouts, offers, and bookings.

  • Streamlined data entry for closeouts & tactical offers
  • Quick actions for booking cancellations and invoice reconciliation
  • Instant supplier and product matching
  • Artificial Intelligence to pull data from any closeout/offer format
  • Automated loading of successfully identified closeouts & offers
  • Integrates to your email and booking systems

Make your team more productive with Artificial Intelligence

Cancel bookings, verify invoices, and load closeouts and offers in a fraction of the time it takes to load them manually

We use your team’s suppliers and products.

No supplier interface is needed.

  • No supplier portal
  • Works within your team’s email
  • Matches and extracts data from emails and attachments
  • Uses your suppliers’ products

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Try TourConnect-AI in less than 10 minutes!

Add supplier data to match against, download the email add-in, and watch TourConnect-AI work its magic!


Bookings-AI: $100 USD / user / month *
Closeouts-AI: $150 USD / user / month *
Offers-AI: $250 USD / user / month *

Multi-user and multi-tool discounts available.

* No setup fee if you build your own integration
* No setup fee for standard Tourplan integration
* No setup fee for Outlook and Gmail email add-ins/extensions

Additional Services

Mapping your top 5 supplier formats for matching purposes
Dedicated servers
Custom booking system integration
Custom email system integration
TravelgateX integration

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