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Is Your Sales Team Actually Selling?

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One of the challenges that we’ve experienced at my other company, Bonza Bike Tours, is that we’ve always had trouble finding enough time to actually sell our tours through our partners.  Sure, we attended key events, did sales missions, and had good relationships with our partners, but I could tell something was missing.  In talking with our tour operators, I could tell there was something missing on their end, as well. Read More

Top 4 Reasons Suppliers Should Care About Contractors’ Struggles to Load Rates

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It always amazes me how much animosity there is between travel suppliers and their tour operators/wholesalers.  These are companies that rely upon each other for their livelihood; however, suppliers are always complaining about their contractors and the commissions they pay.  I’ve heard it a thousand times before in many different forms: Read More

The Travel Industry’s Burden Revealed: Results of TourConnect’s Inaugural Tour Operator Survey

By Research & Insights, Suppliers, Tour Operators & Agents
TourConnect recently conducted a first-of-its kind survey with Australian contractors, and today we’re excited to share the results.  We asked inbound tour operators and wholesalers to pull back the curtain and give us details around the process of collecting and loading product and rate information for their travel suppliers.  We had a great response to the survey and have seen an even greater interest in the results which highlight the challenges contractors face each year.  We hope the results and analysis below will provide transparency into the process and help suppliers and contractors understand how detrimental this inefficiency is to their businesses.

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