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2015 Tour Operator Survey Results Revealed

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Last year we published the results of our Inaugural Tour Operator Survey and the information that we gathered was so helpful at shedding light on some of the challenges regarding the annual contracting process within the tourism industry that we decided to expand on the questions we asked and do it again this year.  We hope the results and analysis below will provide transparency into the process and help suppliers and tour operators understand how detrimental this inefficiency is to their businesses. Be sure to also take a look at our 2015 Supplier Survey Results, as well, to get the supplier perspective. Read More

Are You A Spammer?

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The idea for this blog post came from one of the results of our Supplier Survey that we recently conducted. The question we asked was “Of the partners that you send annual rates to, how many of them actually make bookings?” Seems pretty straight forward, right? You would assume that a Supplier wouldn’t take the time to send their rates to a company that wasn’t going to send them business, but in reality, it is surprisingly common. Read More

Confusion, Angry Customers, and Burned Money

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We recently conducted a survey of Tourism Suppliers to gain some insights into how they work in the industry and with distribution partners. There were several statistics that jumped out at us, but most importantly, a couple of alarming statistics highlighted a broken process – the annual process of distributing supplier rates.  This process is one that most Suppliers have just accepted as “the way things are done” or the “cost of doing business”. I was one of these suppliers…I didn’t know I had a problem until I understood the entire process and the consequences the inefficiencies had for my business. Read More

TourConnect Leisure Travel Supplier Survey – 2015

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Last year TourConnect released the results from our Inaugural Tour Operator Survey in which we asked tour operators about the struggles they had regarding managing relationships and supplier rates. The results were so helpful in shedding light on some of the challenges within the tourism industry that we decided to expand on it to include information from the Supplier’s perspective. We hope you find the results of the survey as fascinating as we do.  Be sure to click on the links below for our detailed analysis as well as checking out our 2015 Supplier Survey Results to see how they compare to the supplier results.

NOTE: Results from our 2015 Tour Operator Survey will be published next week.  Read More

Quick, Your Building is On Fire…Could You Save This One Thing In Time?!

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Your partners are the lifeline of your company, but do you even know who they are?

It sounds simple, right? Just produce a list of current contacts for your business partners.

These are the people that sell your products.
These are the people that pay your bills and salaries.
These are the people that your travellers count on to for help and assistance.

I thought this would be a pretty quick, simple task, until I tried to do it for my own company, Bonza Bike Tours. Read More