TourConnect releases Booking Automation Tool with initial integrations to FareHarbor and Ventrata

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The reservations-focused tool drastically reduces time spent manually processing email bookings by using intelligent technology

Dallas, TX – 28 February 2023 TourConnect announced today the launch of its new Booking Automation Tool. The tool uses advanced technology that promises to unleash a technological revolution in the tourism industry. Read More

TourConnect and TravelgateX announce integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution

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TourConnect-AI will integrate with TravelgateX to streamline booking-related processes

Dallas, TX – 29 April 2021 TourConnect and TravelgateX have announced a new partnership that will pave the way for how the tourism industry processes bookings in the future. The partnership pairs TourConnect-AI’s innovative booking tools with TravelgateX’s industry leading integrated distribution platform.  The combined solution will streamline the processing of booking-related inquiries while drastically reducing costs for buyers and sellers, alike.
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TourConnect introduces suite of Artificial Intelligence tools with launch of TourConnect-AI

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TourConnect uses AI and chatbots to streamline manual operations, and cut costs, for travel trade

Dallas, TX – 25 March 2021 – TourConnect, the leading B2B platform for the travel industry, has introduced a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools focused on cost savings for tour operators of all sizes. TourConnect-AI utilizes email add-ins and chatbots to drastically reduce the time it takes for operations teams to perform manual tasks such as cancelling bookings and processing closeouts.
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TourConnect Uses Machine Learning to Automate Loading of Closeouts and Special Offers

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Leading tourism B2B platform’s new Travel-ML toolset expects to reduce data loading effort by up to 90% using new technologies  

Dallas, TX – 07 September 2020 TourConnect, the leading B2B platform for the travel industry, has addressed a key operational challenge that nearly every tour operator and OTA experiences on a daily basis – loading closeouts and special offers. Using machine learning, add-ins, real-time reporting, and streamlined user interfaces, TourConnect’s new Travel-ML toolset drastically cuts down the manual effort needed to load this critical information that suppliers send every day. Suppliers don’t need to change their process, fill out a form, or log into an extranet. Travel-ML does all the work on its own.
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AC Group Leads TourConnect’s Rapid UK/Europe Expansion

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AC Tours, Tenon Tours, and Crystal Travel will use TourConnect for rate management and automation  

London, England – February 13, 2020 – TourConnect, the travel trade partner management platform, significantly expands their reach today with AC Group, Tenon Tours, and Crystal Travel all signing on to use TourConnect’s rate management platform to manage all of the rates they receive from their suppliers across the UK, Ireland, and other key destinations. Read More