We feel passionately that partnerships are a core piece to the success in the B2B tourism market. Because of this we are continually building tools to enhance these relationships. We already have great existing offerings which help you better organize your partners, discover new partners, and even a private social network for your partners to post periodic updates for you to easily see on your Newsfeed.

When we looked at our tools to see the next logical step, we felt we could help make conversations and communication more accessible. Within the TourConnect platform, there is already so much you can do to interact and engage with your partners, but we saw a gap of being able to directly reach out to your partners. We’re excited to now be able to allow you to directly message your connections in TourConnect all from within TourConnect!

What this means now is we’ve unlocked a much easier workflow to getting the answers you need – all in a single platform.

We’re excited to be making just some of the following workflows easier:

Suppliers: Uncertain of the deadlines for marketing materials? Just ask, get an answer and send your marketing materials over with just a few clicks of the button.

Suppliers: Did a new partner just accept your connection request? Send them a message introducing yourself – straight from within TourConnect.

Buyers: Missing some rates from a tier 1 supplier. Send them a quick reminder in-app. They’ll then be in TourConnect to send over their new rates.

Buyers: You’ve used PartnerFinder to find new product offerings and now you can directly communicate with them on TourConnect. You and your colleagues will be able to keep up with the conversation…no more shared inbox communication necessary.


In-app messaging is available to every account. Simply head to your connections list, click the message button and send your partners a message. This is just one of many upcoming features putting you and your partners at the core of TourConnect.


Mike Herrmann

Author Mike Herrmann

After beginning his career in technology, Mike moved to Sydney in 2004 to start Bonza Bike Tours. His unique combination of experience in software development and tourism helped form the vision for TourConnect. While wearing out the airspace between the US and Australia, Mike has also become an expert in sleeping in uncomfortable chairs and B-grade movies.

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