Introducing Internal Notes For Rate Management

By September 25, 2018Announcements

TourConnect has a really diverse customer base. We have companies from well over 100+ countries – ranging from single owner/operator tours or small B&Bs, to ITOs, and large multi-national corporations. And one item that holds true across all is their need to continually be organized and efficient with their time. As we continue to grow the TourConnect platform, we’re focused on ways in which we can drive efficiency across our entire customer base. This is why we’ve added an Internal Notes feature to our Contract Management Tool.

Whether you are a supplier sending your rates, or a buyer using TourConnect to manage all of your static rate agreements, it is important to be able to record information for you and your team’s eyes only. These may be reasons why the commission rate is what it is or a note from a conversation during a trade event about this years rates.


These notes stay throughout the lifecycle of the contract and will always be available when it comes time to readdress the rates – during loading time or before the next round of rate updates. Its a great way to keep the right information in a logical and sharable place – for you and your entire team.

To learn more about our Rate Management tool and how it can help drive efficiency for you and your team register to attend one of our upcoming webinars.

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