Introducing TourConnect’s Rate Requests for Groups

By August 20, 2018 May 28th, 2019 Announcements

TourConnect is excited to announce our newest feature aimed at making it easier for group tour operators to manage rates for their groups.  Following the success of our rate management tool for static rates, our Group Quoting Tool provides a streamlined process for getting quotes/bids from hotels and day tours for group travel.

As the first release of this tool, our goal was to provide 4 specific capabilities:

  1. Clear, concise tracking of every request sent to suppliers for rates
  2. The ability to capture all conversations/negotiations for each request/quote/bid
  3. Consistent format and data for every quote/bid
  4. Easy access to the final rates and history of a quote/bid for an entire team

The capabilities we focused on have 3 key benefits:

  1. Cut down on general inefficient communications/processes that drive up costs
  2. Minimize errors that cut into profits
  3. Give the power to get additional quotes for more competitive offerings

We are excited about the opportunity to help transform the group touring portion of the tourism industry.

To get an idea of how TourConnect can make an impact, let’s take a look at this example:

25-Pax Student Group to the Grand Canyon

You have a group of 25 people that want to do a trip to the Grand Canyon. They are going to need transportation, accommodation, and some sort of a guided tour upon arrival. TourConnect now gives you the ability to send a group request to all of the suppliers you work with so that they can reply with a bid for the group. All you need to do is provide your groups information, some basic demographic information, and then tell us which suppliers you’d like to get a quote from.

Step 1– Enter the dates you need rates for and then describe your group.

Step 2– Tell us which suppliers you would like to request rates from and we will send each of them a request for their rates.

You can request rates from all of your suppliers at once and they don’t even need to be using TourConnect to respond to your request.

Step 3– Assign a tag to your suppliers so that you can easily send another request later if you need to. You can also assign all of these contract requests to a unique folder so that you can keep all of the quotes together for easy access.

You can even customize the message they receive to maintain that personal relationship aspect of doing business together

Step 4– Wait for the rates to come in! We will track the status of each request you sent so that you know if your partner has seen your request yet.

If you work with group tours, TourConnect’s new Group Quoting Tool is a total game changer! Let us help make your life easier, sign up today or contact us for a demo!

Mike Herrmann

Author Mike Herrmann

After beginning his career in technology, Mike moved to Sydney in 2004 to start Bonza Bike Tours. His unique combination of experience in software development and tourism helped form the vision for TourConnect. While wearing out the airspace between the US and Australia, Mike has also become an expert in sleeping in uncomfortable chairs and B-grade movies.

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