In case you missed it, we recently released In-App Messaging, and its been a great feature for our users to send messages to other TourConnect users they are connected with. However, there were a couple limitations – it was 1-to-1 messaging and it was limited to only other TourConnect users. We all know the value of communication and the benefits it can offer – but lets be honest, it is hard to always be on top of it and it isn’t always necessary for every message to be a custom message. Who has time to copy-and-paste too.

Today, we’re excited to release enhancements to our messaging tool. First, you can now select multiple connections to receive the same message without having to copy-and-paste. Simply choose the connections who should receive your message, hit send and we’ll take it from there and send them your message.

We know not all of your partners have TourConnect accounts (they should be though right? Send them an invite) and the limit this creates in having a single place to message all of your partners. For this reason, we’ve also added the ability to send the messages to email addresses. This all-in-one solution helps streamline your communications from a single platform and save you and your team time, hassle, and gives you peace of mind that your partners are getting the messages they should be.

Benefits of Using TourConnect Messaging

  • One tool to manage all of your messages to your partners
  • Quickly see who has opened, read and clicked on your messages
  • Another great tool included in TourConnect

Our new messaging tool is available to all of our users today. If you are on our free accounts, you can message up to 20 partners at a time. Upgrade to our Connected Plan to select all the partners you need to.


Mike Herrmann

Author Mike Herrmann

After beginning his career in technology, Mike moved to Sydney in 2004 to start Bonza Bike Tours. His unique combination of experience in software development and tourism helped form the vision for TourConnect. While wearing out the airspace between the US and Australia, Mike has also become an expert in sleeping in uncomfortable chairs and B-grade movies.

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